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Azure Properties

Working to Create Your Dream Home

By Chelsea Chambers

Photos Kimberlee Miller

The morning sun glimmers through the kitchen window as the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. From the hall, slow-rising sounds of family rousing from their night’s slumber. Birds cheerfully chirp outside and a feeling of pure, complete bliss washes over you. You are home—a place where memories are made, where love stands true, and family and friends are always welcome. Home is a place to grow, a place to create and inspire, and if your home doesn’t do this for you, then you should already be calling Azure Properties.

Started eight years ago by business partners, Michael Eisenbeiss and Dustin Forrest, Azure Properties was formed with the intention to design and build custom homes in the Treasure Valley. With a combined experience of nearly 50 years between the two of them, Michael and Dustin know the ins and outs of home ownership and the importance of creating a space that not only looks like home, but feels like home too.

Working closely with Silvercreek real estate agent, Joy Cameron, and designer-extraordinaire, Andria Johnson of Design 809, Azure Properties is able to help clients find their ideal lot and  build their dream home step-by-step. And I mean step-by-step—they are by your side in each phase from conception to construction to all the finishing touches and more. Azure has made it their mission to ensure that customers never feel pressured or rushed and they take pride in “not saying no,” no matter what the requests are. “Instead we say, ‘”we’ve never done it, but let’s try it!’” Michael states proudly.

Home buying can be daunting. Home building can be more than overwhelming. But Azure maintains a ‘quality over quantity’ mentality and only builds an average of eight to twelve homes per year. That relatively low number allows Michael, Dustin, and their team the time and space to truly create the client’s desires, carrying that initial concept and design through the build process until completion with the Owner’s on site running the process.

Their inclusive website details the process from the preliminary design phase to home construction and the company boasts their incredible ability to, if the client so chooses, conceptualize, design, and build a home in under a year.

Azure home designs can be found all over the Treasure Valley and range from contemporary to farmhouse, traditional and more. Whatever the client wants to create, Azure can make it happen.

Michael wants to emphasize the difference between custom and customizable homes. Many home builders give you a short list of options to choose from or predesigned plans thus limiting the creative ability to design the home of your dreams. But Azure is completely custom, meaning there are no lists of things to choose from, each house is unique and designed from scratch, and there is free rein to truly design the home that you envision in your mind. The home that will create those feelings of pure, unadulterated bliss, each morning that you wake.

For more information on how to build the home of your dreams, visit their website at www.azure-properties.com.