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Fueled By Fitness

Local business owner turns passion into profession

By Ryon Morrin

Photos Kimberlee Miller

Whitney Roman is someone who has always been devoted to her career. For years, she has worked in real estate, helping Treasure Valley residents find their ideal living space. Despite the hectic nature of the industry, Whitney loves showing homes and more importantly, helping other people achieve their goals.

Working for a local firm, Whitney’s team leader was a source of inspiration for her professional and personal aspirations. Thanks to her supportive mentor, she embraced the notion that she “could achieve anything in the world.”

Though never working in the field of fitness, Whitney committed to an active way of life after becoming a mother. She came to the realization that it was her true passion, and she wanted to enable other people to embrace that same lifestyle.

After coming across an F45 location on Overland road, she joined classes and fell in love. An experienced fitness junkie, Whitney knew she had discovered something special—an effective, functionally-oriented workout that doesn’t waste any time, in an environment where everyone is welcome.

She took hold and ran, opening her very own F45 location in South Eagle during April of 2018. In case you were wondering, the “F” stands for functional, while 45 is the duration of the vigorous workouts. The classes are team oriented, helping to ensure that competition between members is minimal. Your biggest competitor is yourself; “playoffs” compare your fitness level prior to and after an 8-week program, tracking every aspect of progress. Trainers are by your side to push you and aid you in reaching your true potential. A lack of mirrors will surprise some, but the purpose is to orient focus to one’s self. Workouts change daily to avoid plateauing from a lack of variety. Adaptability is another key; F45 doesn’t believe that “one size fits all,” and any workout can be altered to suit varying levels of fitness. Large, vertically-mounted displays provide members with a how-to guide for every exercise as the workout progresses. Playlists are designed to push performance, and on weekends, a live DJ plays a set to the tune of intensity.

While many surprises and challenges accompany the ownership of a business, what Whitney truly didn’t anticipate was the way in which sharing her passion for fitness would change lives. Through the intense, thoughtfully-designed classes offered at F45 combined with the elements of teamwork and a motivating trainer, many members have transformed into a healthier, more motivated and confident version of themselves.

The atmosphere at F45 is welcoming and warm, something you can sense when you walk through the door, and members are comprised of all ages and fitness levels. Classes are offered from the early hours of the morning until late evening, so there’s always time to fit the 45-minute workout in your schedule.

If you are interested in joining F45 of South Eagle, you’re in luck: the first week is free of charge, and during those seven days you can attend an unlimited number of classes.

If you’d like to learn more, you can contact Whitney Roman via email at southeagle@f45training.com. You can also reach her at (208) 999-5550 or visit F45training.com to check out class schedules.